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If you are renting a condo in Virginia Beach like those living in Jacobs Landing or Zachary Place, then you know there is always something going on and sometimes it involves food. Not everyone is a lover of “She crab Soup” but the residents in Virginia Beach had a great time recently as this article from the Pilot highlighted.


Every year, after turning in my judge’s scores at the close of the East Coast She Crab Soup Classic, I get to thinking. She crab soup is a lot like siblings. Kinda similar, kinda not.

The 2015 competition takes place this Saturday, April 11, at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront from noon to 3 p.m. If you want to go, get tickets now. It’s a guaranteed sell-out event.

Here’s how it works: Crews from a score of area restaurants set up tents and steaming urns of she crab soup at the 24th Street Park. Guests sample them all. There's usually plenty of tunes and sunshine, too.

In prior years, there were thin soups and soups you could stand a spoon in. There were soups flecked with carrots and soups with ribbons of onion. Some soups come served with a crab claw garnish; one came with a sweet potato biscuit. Some were hot, some were not.

This is serious competition, people.

For more information, go here.

See you there!
Mannino’s Italian Bistro has been the team to beat in past years. As a judge, I can attest to the fact that not a single chef around here is conceding the title and the competition remains fierce.


Slurp some she crab soup on Saturday

…via Slurp some she crab soup on Saturday – The Virginian-Pilot

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